Now, when I create a piece, I focus on the use of colour, layers, the paint's thickness, developing textures and experimenting with new materials. These efforts lead to, what I believe, are colourful, fresh and free-following paintings.

Even as a child, I could be found doodling or making handicrafts. One day I asked myself: why not try painting? And I did, in around 1977. The style was child-like, but one thing was certain, I became fixated by it. I decided that I wanted to learn, and I found myself an excellent teacher, Isabel Blanco, who taught me everything I know.

Under her instruction, I started out copying masters like Sorolla, Grosso, among others. After a few years, I had a deep desire for change, so I started using different techniques such as encaustic painting, one of the oldest techniques, which originated in Ancient Greece (“encaustic” actually means “to burn in” in Ancient Greek). I sketched statues in charcoal to perfect my drawing skills. But I was still working with realism, and I wanted a change! I went to another art school, but I still didn't feel satisfied.

In 1999, I told myself that I should create what I wanted to express, and I decided to go it alone. Since then, I have enjoyed every minute.
Painting lures me in, it's stronger than I am; it conjures up passion, yet gives me peace.

I create what my imagination requires of me, which is the use of layers of paint, textures and a lot of colour. The result: modern art with a lot of feeling.