My painting work has evolved over the years. My first paintings were realist, employing oil on small- and medium-sized canvases. This later developed into a second stage, when acrylic on canvas and panels took a leading role.
I currently use mixed media (ink, acrylic, oil, natural pigment, etc.) on larger support media.

"A journey from realism to abstract modernism"

Current vision

Modern art with a hint of abstract.
I feel inspired by the simple things that surround me; always immersing myself in colour and texture.

Occasion hats and fascinators

It’s paramount for me that all of my hats and fascinators are 100% customised. I base each piece on the person’s physical characteristics and personality, resulting in truly unique pieces.

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Contact me

If you're interested in any of my paintings or occasion hats or fascinators (pre-made or commissioned), please email me at: